About Streets of Canada

Streets of Canada is a national initiative celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday by sharing the inspirational stories of local business owners, artists, and unsung heroes from coast to coast. We know that Canada’s story isn’t its own; it’s comprised of millions of individual, incredible stories. The streets of Canada are filled with small businesses, each started by someone with a unique story. These stories matter. They are inspirational, honest, and they embody what it means to be Canadian.

It isn’t about a sports team, a flag, or a monument—it’s about dreaming big, working together, being kind, and accepting all. Everyone has a story worth telling, and Streets of Canada is on a mission to discover and share 1,000 stories of amazing Canadians. Who they are, where they came from, what they do, what drives them, their hopes, their fears, their past, their pride. On Streets of Canada, you can get to know amazing Canadians from down the street or across the country and get involved in so many ways!




Sana Virji
Executive Director

Ribat Chowdhury
Executive Director

Paula Kehoe
Media & PR Director

Jay Perry
Hamilton, ON


Ruth Kivilahti
London, ON

Brooke Hammer
Creative Director

Mike McComb
Winnipeg, MB

Samantha Moss
Peterborough, ON