“A simple glance up at my camera made it all possible.” – Jay Perry


“Every person I’ve ever met has helped me grow, but there is one girl that changed my life. In 2010, I made my first trip to Haiti. Everyone was warning me of the poverty and sadness that comes with the country, but no one told me how much love and happiness there was. I had signed up to help build schools and I was lucky enough to meet and photograph so many amazing people there. At the time, I was a struggling photographer trying to get my career off the ground. I remember the day it all changed; she wouldn’t leave my side and a simple glance up at my camera made it all possible. Her name is Kettiene-Love and her photo took me from a struggling photographer to a flourishing one. At the time I wouldn’t imagine leaving my passion for anything especially not after how long it took to find success. But my father was diagnosed with lung cancer and I wanted to spend as much time as I could with him. He always supported me no matter what I did. I wanted to be there for him and help him through the hardest time of his life. Doctors said he had a few months at best, but he stayed with us for another two years. I think it was the love and family support that gave him the courage to fight so long. This last year has been very difficult without him. I’ve started work again, but it’s not easy to pick up where I left off and be known in the industry again. Would I do it differently? Never. I’d do it all over again, anytime. When the time is right, I’ll have another photo that’ll bring me back to where I was. After all, it took one glance up at my lens the first time. ”

–  Jay Perry, Photographer