“After 9/11, I was known as the husband of the scarfed lady.” – Ahmad Khadra


“I left Syria in 1995. Yes, I’ve faced racism but I’ve also experienced love and acceptance. After 9/11, I was known as the husband of the scarfed lady. My wife was the only lady in Brockville that wore a scarf. One day, someone came to my shop and said  ‘Halloween is over, take off your costume.’ My daughter, Kinda, has felt it too. One time, she was walking home and a guy from out of nowhere came close to her face, spat at her and walked off. It broke my heart. She was hurt for things she did not do by someone who didn’t understand. But that racism is insignificant in front of the love I’ve felt and the respect Canada has given me. The morning after 9/11, my wife and children were at the shop and a couple walked in and gave us their business card. They said ‘You are under the microscope and if you ever need help, we’re here. Just call.’ We didn’t even know them. There are always good people; be good and you’ll find yourself amongst them. What’s happening in Syria breaks my heart. I have family there and many have died. I wish I could save them and bring them to Canada to safety. Canada is my home now and I owe it everything. I would protect it like I would protect my home.”

Kinda Electronics

Located in Brockville, Kinda Electronics Limited provides repairs to all types of electronics. Bring your phones, laptops and tablets, and we’ll either refurbish them or find a sustainable way to reuse your gadgets. Contact us for more details, or to find out more about wind and solar renewable energy.