“Be a little more brave then you are afraid.” – Jasmine Bowen


“Growing up, I was the nine-year-old who stayed up late watching BBC and going to museums and art galleries with my family. I’ve always loved history and art and I’ve been acting for many years. Acting is what I love. I’ve traveled and seen historic venues from all around the world. They’re beautiful but they’re being forgotten. It’s not just the locations, but the people and their stories, too. House museums are failing. Can you imagine a world without museums? Newer generations care about the past, they do, but they’re looking for something different. They want to be engaged, feel like they’re a part of the story, and have fun. They want an experience. As an actor, I had always loved historical reenactments, first person interpretation, and mystery…. and I realized they could be the answer! I started Live History  because I didn’t want history to be forgotten. We go to historical venues and put on customized live shows about that site. The skeleton scripts are created by our amazing writer and our game designer to become a puzzle that the audience and actors work together to solve.  As one of the lead actors and the company founder, I work with the venues to customize and perform shows that tell stories about their people; their history; their town. We want museums to stay open and towns to feel connected to them and we want history to be cherished. It’s not easy. People think I’ve got it all together because we were successful right away, but I’m still terrified, and that is what helps me stay driven. I still lie awake at nights wondering how we’re going to pull this off but I think fear is important. Fear gives you energy and adrenaline. It gives you urgency to do what needs to be done now, not tomorrow. I think that once you stop feeling afraid, you’re more likely to fail. I’ve learned that you’ll be OK if you’re just a little more brave than you are afraid.”

Jasmine Bowen
Live History