“David had come to give me the biggest gift of all—a family.” – Nicholas McKinstry


“I was adopted when I was six. When David first came to the orphanage in New Delhi, I couldn’t speak or understand English, but we bonded over him bringing me gifts. At the time, I didn’t realize David had come to give me the biggest gift of all–a family. My parents, David and Michael, are the first Canadian gay couple to be given the legal right to adopt. I remember when David brought me home. It was the first time I met Michael. In that moment, I knew this was my family–my Dad and Daddy. 

Growing up I was bullied and taunted for being different and I still struggle with those thoughts. Yes, I am different, my family is: two dads; a fair-skinned brother; and myself, a brown Indian boy. But how is that a bad thing? Why did people bully me? It makes me upset. But then I think about, what if? What if Dad never came to India and adopted me? I wouldn’t be Nicholas McKinstry. I may never have known what it is to have a family. I’m extremely lucky to have such a kind and welcoming family. I may have been adopted, but David and Michael are the best parents I could ask for.

I’ve always wanted a way to share the magic of a gift. Recently, I launched an online gifting company called Rackofy. It’s a website where people can give gifts from the heart and find curated options based on the person they are buying for. This is very close to my heart. I know the power of a gift. My life in Canada is a gift from David and Michael and this is my way of paying it forward.”


Rackofy is an online shopping experience that allows you to personalize gifts for your loved ones with ease, no endless browsing required.