“No mess is too big to clean up.” – Roger Currie


“How did I get into broadcasting? Well, 46 years ago I opened the door and I walked on in. News, programming, sports. Back then, radio was a viable career. There aren’t so many opportunities now. Six years ago, I moved back home to Winnipeg from Regina in a financial situation I was pretty ashamed of. I wasn’t making anywhere near as much money as I had been at the peak of my career. The amount of my debt was daunting. In the 60s, we didn’t have credit cards. It was ‘pay as you go. If you can’t pay, don’t go.’ And that was that. But I was sold credit cards and a line of credit I didn’t need. At first I was paying the balance and then some every month, but before I knew it, I was barely making the minimum payments. Debt like mine was a shameful thing. I knew I had to face it. I remember being so desperate that I actually called one of those 1-800 numbers. Thank God I didn’t work with them. Thank God I found real people who genuinely cared and wanted to help. I was referred to Creditaid by a friend. I remember sitting down explaining the mess I’d created. A picture was emerging as we laid it all out, and it was a dark one. But the man behind the desk looked up and said ‘we can do this’ and the clouds began to lift a little. It took four years of dedication and good old-fashioned putting your mind to it, but now I can breathe more normally again. I can enjoy semi-retirement without worrying about keeping my head above water.”


Creditaid was founded in 1992 and acquired by Brian Denysuik in 2009 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Credited helps people manage their debt problems and become debt free with credit counselling, credit card assistance, and debt consolidation programs.