“It was now or never.” – Rob Howard


“It was now or never. I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life. Keep my job and move from Toronto to Phoenix, or quit. That may not sound like a big deal but it was. I only got to see my wife Ellie and my little kids once a week. The distance was taking a toll on us. Ellie had just taken on a challenging new job and was working extremely long hours. I couldn’t ask her to leave a position she’d worked so hard for. But if I didn’t make the move, I was turning away from potentially the most financially successful step in my career. It was family or my career. 

After eight months, I’d had enough, the commute and emotional stress was draining. I had to quit my job. That’s when I realized what a burden the corporate journey had been on me. It took me months to recover from the burn out, both physically and emotionally. That’s when I started to reflecting on what really matters.

We can’t predict things like climate change or international trade. Look at the conflict over water or the loss of a whole species of trees. We couldn’t predict that, but we have to do something now. And the one thing we do know is–I know you, you know me, we know the person over there. We know what we need from our community to get by and we know what we are able to contribute. That’s why I started Kawartha Local; it’s more like a social economic development project. I’d like to help build our local ecosystem. It’s about building an economy that survives within a community. I’m so grateful that I made that decision 10 years ago. It all fits in place now.”


Kawartha Local

Buying local, made easy. Gift boxes with a local flavour.


Photo Credits: Moss Works Photography