“Shopping can be frustrating but it should never be scary or painful.” Laura Lee Hubbard


“I worked in a women’s clothing store a couple years ago, and I remember this one customer; he was shopping for his niece. He seemed shy and a little uncomfortable, but I tried to help him find a great gift for his niece. As we talked, he got more comfortable, and he told me the blouse was for himself, not his niece. I knew that, to me, it didn’t matter. Being a plus-size woman who loves dramatic clothes, I think we should all wear whatever we want! We found a blouse that looked great on him and he thanked me for being so understanding and accepting. I hadn’t done anything extraordinary, I just showed him some respect and compassion. I realized that, being plus-size, clothes shopping can be frustrating, but I’m never scared to go shopping. It was shocking and sad to me, that some people still feel so much fear to embrace who they are. I had been sewing and making my own clothes for a long time, so that I could wear exactly what I wanted, but at that moment I realized that I could really help people. Naughty Gypsy makes awesome accessories and clothes exactly how our clients want, regardless of their gender, size, style, or kink. The whole idea is to let clients embrace exactly who they are, and there’s no better way to express that than through clothing. I want people who are frustrated by fast fashion and stereotypes to know that I’ll help, I won’t judge. I don’t want people who are transgender or non-gender-conforming to feel like they have to pretend they’re shopping for a friend or a relative and I don’t want people who are plus-size to have to settle for anything less than perfect. It hasn’t been easy, owning a business, especially when I’m the one who manages the business side and also makes all of the clothing. But every order reminds me that this is exactly what I should be doing. Meeting clients for the first time, learning their stories, making the pieces, the pre-delivery self-doubt, and finally the reveal. Their eyes light up, and they smile, sometimes they cry. They look exactly how they wanted, and that is beautiful.”

Laura Lee Hubbard,
The Naughty Gypsy