“Some see it as vandalism, but I see it as expression.” – Monsieur Singe


“I was 13 when I first got arrested. It was for doing what I love most – Graffiti. Graffiti is part of who I am, some see it as vandalism but I see it as expression. And it’s not just graffiti, I create murals for different design companies and I’m a tattoo artist too. I don’t believe in the traditional 9am to 5pm “work”, I just do what I love to do and do it the best I can. My parents called me special because I always rejected the “normal” way of doing things. I have my own path. If someone says I can’t, I prove I can. It might be because I was picked on in high school. Those moments of feeling weak make me strong today. I surround myself with people who matter, my friends and family, those that accept me for who I am. I live life for the simple moments. One day I was walking back from a friends place with my hands in my pockets and with my head down listening to music. This 80-year-old guy grabbed my arm, stopped me and said, ‘look up son, enjoy what’s around you – life is beautiful’. Isn’t that amazing? I didn’t know him, he had no motive; he was just spreading happiness. That simply put a smile on my face and made me realize how lucky I am. I do what I love doing and surround myself with those that love me. If there’s one thing I know, life is messy, but if you’re true to who you are and what you believe; anything is possible. After all, I make a living off what I got arrested for when I was 13!”

–  Monsieur Singe, Artist