“There is nothing more beautiful than connecting with the divine.” – Vincent Cucarro


“My divorce was heart-wrenching and painful but it taught me to be free. Free of fear. I’ve come to see that fear only knows the past and makes us assume the future will be the same. But that is not true. There were times I thought it would never get better. I cried and screamed to God for help and it came through a realm I didn’t even know existed-angels. I was watching TV and heard about a shop in Ottawa called Annabelle’s Angels and I thought, ‘If there are angels there I better go, because I need something.’ I was in that shop for five minutes and felt normal and that was galaxies away from what I was feeling. A few days later, I was visiting a friend who had angel earrings on and an angel on her table. I told her I was looking for a place to live and what would you guess? She said there was a vacancy above Annabelle’s in Brockville that was rarely vacant for as long as it had been. I took it. From the minute I moved in, it was a healing place for me. It was incredible, but I still had my doubts. I asked for a sign. Half an hour later, I was at a friend’s house. She said there was an article about children helping seniors in Little Italy that I maybe interested in because that’s where I’m from. I picked up the newspaper and there it was, in big, bold letters. It read, ‘Angels to the Rescue’. It was the sign I was looking for. Help comes in different ways. For me, it was an angel connection. For you, it may be different. It took me sometime to understand that I don’t need to keep seeking for something better, each and every moment has in it everything that I need. ‘THIS IS IT.'”

Vincent Cuccaro
Artist / Entrepreneur