“They can’t stop me from spreading love.” – Ahmed Moneka


“I played the role of an Iraqi homosexual. Homosexuals in Iraq are tortured and this was the first Iraqi film to expose the truth. I came to Canada for the film screening at the Toronto International Film Festival. A week after, my father called and told me that extremists in Iraq were against the film and it would be too dangerous for me to come home. I was devastated. I couldn’t go back to my family. Because English is not my language, I couldn’t express myself or connect with people in Canada. It was torture at first, but a few days later, I met Yura. He is from Ukraine, and later we met Tangi from France. We couldn’t speak the same language, but we all played music. We started playing on the streets a few months ago and every time we do, people stop and listen. They smile. This is what I do now. Our band is called Moskitto bar. We’re going on a tour next year and have picked places in Europe that aren’t open to immigrants. Music brings people together. The militia has stopped me from returning home to my family in Baghdad, but they can’t stop me from spreading love. Toronto is my home now, but I really miss my family. I dream to bring them to Canada to be safe and find peace. Toronto is such an amazing city for that.”

Moskitto Bar

It all started with the connection of three talented artists playing in the woods at OM Gathering. The Talented trio creates music with only one goal – to spread love. Here is a link to them playing on the streets of Kensington market.