“Together we can create real change.” – Stephanie Guyatt


“It was about five years ago when I felt called to Haiti. It was right after the earthquake. It broke my heart to see parents leaving their children in orphanages because they couldn’t afford to feed them. I have children and I can’t imagine ever being in that position.

During my trip, I met a group of artisans. I knew that if I started working with them I could create a long-term difference. If they had real jobs, they could send their kids to school and keep them healthy. So I started bringing their crafts back home to sell and ever since then, Under One Sun has just grown and grown.

People don’t realize how much one person can do. And if each of us does a small part, together we can create real change. I remember one morning I was walking towards our artesian centre in Haiti and a mom came running behind me calling my name. I turned around and she had her kids with her. I remember meeting them about a year and a half earlier and they were fragile kids at the time, definitely malnourished. This time, they had their school uniforms on, and their cute little cheeks; they were happy and they were healthy. And their mom was just so proud.  She looked at me and said, ’thank you. This is what having a job everyday can do.’ It made me tear up.

Under One Sun has my heart all over it. Remembering families coming back together like that, it’ll make any stressful moment go away.”


Under One Sun

Helping to end the cycle of poverty for talented Artisans around the globe. Restoring dignity through artistry.


Photo Credits:
NV Media