"When all other countries closed their doors on us, Canada opened theirs." - Mohammad Alftih & Randa Kharboutly


“Syria was beautiful. There were great schools for our children and it was safe, but then the war started and our lives changed. Day-by-day the situation got worse. Our children would be at school and we’d hear bombs go off close to them. We had to keep them at home; their safety was more important than an education. There were times we had no electricity, no water, and no food. No one can imagine those sounds, the feeling that goes through you when you think you’ve lost a loved one, but I can never forget it. We didn’t have a choice but to leave Aleppo and that journey was the scariest journey we’ve ever had to make. Every moment we thought we were going to die as we travelled through open fire with our children. There were bodies all around us, but we couldn’t turn back. We managed to make our way from Aleppo to Damascus to Lebanon. My niece lives in Canada and she told us she’d find a way to bring us here. At the time, it was just a dream. When all other countries were closing their doors on us, Canada opened theirs. I can’t describe the feeling when we got to Canada. For the first time we felt safe. Our sponsors from Safe Haven are amazing - they made everything possible. We miss our family, but our sponsors have given us a family here. We’d always heard Canadians were kind but they are much more than that. Sometimes, I think God sent these angels to us from heaven. After one year here, with the support of this community, we’ve been able to start our restaurant and we’re living with dignity and respect. My children are safe and are going to school. I can never give back enough, but I’ll spend the rest of my life thanking Canada for a chance to live our lives and raise our children with love and freedom.”

- Mohammad Alftih & Randa Kharboutly
Oasis Mediterranean Grill - #OMG