"I'm still pushing for that dream." - Len Milne

"I bought my first record when I was eight and filled my collection with music from the 60s and 70s. I wanted to make music like that. I wanted drums so badly at first but they’re big and impractical so I started playing the guitar. It was good because I could take it anywhere and play anytime. After high school I couldn’t afford to go to college, so I worked in a restaurant and kept playing music. I opened my studio when I was twenty-two. This year will be our thirtieth year in business. It’s been real difficult along the way. Studio equipment is very expensive. You have to work a lot to get a piece, then you find out you need another. It gets tough but life is tough. You have to find new things to do when there’s not enough business, like when the studio wasn’t busy, I would do live sound at night. You do what you have to do. We’re doing good now and still pushing for that dream. Success to me would be having a band from Winnipeg or Manitoba come through our studio and create a gold record. I’ve done well in my own music career. I’ve won 6 Canadian Music Awards and I’ve been nominated for a couple Juno’s. Man, I’d love to win a Juno but the ultimate dream for me is to help a local band make it big. It’ll happen."

- Len Milne, Bedside Studios

Photo Credit: Wornstar Media