"People think all graffiti artists are troubled. I just loved the adrenaline." - Monsieur Lao

"People think that all graffiti artists are broken or troubled in someway, but I just loved the adrenaline and the artistic pattern. Yes, I got caught a couple of times and spent a few nights locked up. But you have to be willing to get caught when you’re doing something like this. It’s almost fun. I’m older now and done with my ‘bum time’. Now, I’m living through my art. I get hired to paint murals and do other artistic projects, mostly at bars, restaurants and festivals. I wouldn’t be able to live my dreams without the support of my friends and family. My father has been my biggest supporter and fan. He’s 50 years older than me, almost like my grandfather. Yet, he understands me. He’s my Popski. I remember one Christmas, when I was 13, I opened the gift my father got me and they were cans of paint. He supported me in front of everyone when no one else did. That day, I knew that no matter who I am, my Pospki will always be there for me. He’s 75-years-old now and it’s difficult for him to do work around the house. That’s why my girlfriend and I moved in with him. It's my turn to be there for him. Life couldn’t be better because I’m spending it with those who matter the most."

Mathieu Vandelac (Monsieur Lao)