"I owe it to those who've served before me" - Kenny Sloggett


"I never wanted to do a desk job. When high school came around, I had to decide what I wanted to do next so I applied to the Royal Military College. I didn’t think I would get accepted, but I did! It broke me down and it got rid of old Ken. The old Kenny did the bare minimum. I spent all my time lazing around with my friends and didn’t have much drive or motivation. The Royal Military College gave me something to rise up to. I’m a different person now. I’m stronger. I have goals. I know what I want and honestly, I’ve become a nicer person. In two years, I can be a 22-year-old in charge of people who have been there for 20 years. I’ll be in charge of people’s lives. That kind of realization just doesn’t change you, it builds you. Last year was tough. Two of my buddies, who lived down the hall from me, passed away. You have to remember that they were striving for the same goal, but got caught up somewhere dark. I’m not scared. I’m ready. I owe it to those who’ve served before me. I owe it to my country and I owe to the friends I lost last year. I owe them my best."

- Kenny Sloggett, 
Canadian Military Trainee